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Friday, March 3, 2017

The Goodnight Kiss

Family Affection

The Goodnight Kiss

When my children were little I tucked them into bed every night.  When they got older they didn't want to go to bed, so I called for them to come kiss my husband and myself goodnight.  I refused to go to bed without that contact between us.  It wasn't for myself,  it for us as a family.  If one of us would not live till morning we would know the last thing said before bed was, I love you.  We are not promised tomorrow.  It wasn't out of a personal need to hear I love you or be shown affection, though at times we all need to hear those things, but rather an assurance that my children were taught to honor their parents as the bible teaches. My hopes as a mom was to leave a good memory before closing our eyes at night and making sure everything was alright. 

They would have friends over and we let them stay up a bit longer to visit with them, before bed.  I guess it was slightly embarrassing for them to hear a call from the other room, to have them come and kiss their mom and dad goodnight.  They were becoming too old to tuck in, but not too old to have an exchange of family affection before bed, a reminder that they are loved and forgiven of any negativity of the day.  Sometimes children will harbor resentment towards their parents.  The goodnight kiss is a time set aside before bed to say I'm sorry and I love you, to have a right heart before our eyes close at night.

 I still give my kids hugs and kisses even though they are married.  They are still my kids and they will always be my kids.  I just have two more, the ones they married.

Susan Y Nikitenko
March 3rd, 2017 ©

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