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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Let Your Spirit Calm My Soul

Let Your Spirit Calm My Soul

Like a brook that flows with a peaceful sound;
Let my heart rest in your grace.
Like a tiny babe in its mother's arms.
I joy in your love that saves.

You have held me close in your tenderness;
You have healed my broken heart.
I took your hand and you lifted me;
When all seemed all so dark.

How can these lips not praise ever more?
How can these eyes look away?
'Cause you are more than any hero.
And deserve all of our praise.

Like a quiet breeze in the springtime.
Like the waves that gently roll.
Like the comfort of a fathers hug;
Let your Spirit calm my soul.

Susan Y Nikitenko
January 19th, 2013

Listen Here:

Like I told you before I'm not a great singer.
But most of my poetry I sang when I wrote it.
So... I'm able to put a tune with it to help you
learn it yourself and put music with it if you 
choose to do so.

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